The concept of this MSc

The Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is starting a new MSc on Human Reproduction for healthcare professionals, especially obstetricians-gynecologists and endocrinologists, as well as graduates from the Departments of Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics and other Departments of relevant academic fields.

Human Reproduction constitutes a rapidly evolving aspect of Medicine that include aspects such as reproductive anatomy, histology, embryology and physiology (gametogenesis, fertilization, implantation, embryo development), endocrinology (andrology, gonadal function), genetics (genetic diagnosis), oncology, reproductive surgery, male and female contraception, infertility treatment, psychology and ethics.

It becomes obvious that this complex discipline requires the close cooperation of medical specialists and health professionals, including obstetricians – gynecologists, specialists in Reproductive Medicine, reproductive endocrinologists, reproductive biologists, embryologists, biopathologists and experts in reproductive legislation.

This unique MSc aims to extend the knowledge of the students on the subject of Human Reproduction. Its graduates will be able to work in positions of public and private sector, which require specialized knowledge on the subject of medically assisted reproduction. It is acknowledged that this scientific subject is a necessity for a modern medical curriculum vitae. In addition, the possession of this MSc degree constitutes a requirement for further post-graduate studies or for the engagement in medical research.

Coordination Committee

The Coordination Committee (CC) of the MSc in Human Reproduction consists of five (5) members:


Deputy director



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